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Who We Are

Specially Made Gifts is a company aiming to be a branding and personalizing provider that allows you to design online and to ship your custom gifts and corporate messaging like promo items globally. We believe that with your cool ideas and our marking abilities, we can create novelties that leave a memorable impression. 

What We Do

With a wide range of quality products from apparel, glassware, commemorative memorabilia, to wooden items, leather crafts, etc.– along with different marking services, we can create goods that encourage expression of individuality, strengthen your company image, and boost connection among groups.

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What We Can Promise

Although Specially Made Gifts was only recently launched in 2019, we are guided by our sister company, Made For U, who has been in the business for 27 years.


Rest assured that we always do our best to serve the customization needs of our clients, whether it be individual, institutional, industrial or corporate.

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